Chris Rashley wins Delta Lloyd Regatta


Lennon sails are working closely with some of the best Moth sailors in the world following two separate lines of development. The Moth is an an ultra light weight development class which travel through the air 3 or 4 times faster than most other boats this makes Aerodynamics very important and wind resistance or drag increases to the cube of the speed. Chris Rashley used the latest iteration on the program he Kevin Ellway and Lennon sails have been working on since the formation of Lennon sails earlier this year. Kevin Ellway has spent hours and hours running CFD models based on the info fed back from Chris and using pure Aero theory to produce more lift and less drag. A lot of work as gone into the plan shape ( outline of the sail ) to produce more aero force over a longer span and increasing the intensity - working on the positioning the battens and width. Chris’s sail looks quite different to the continuing development of the A1m  - The A1m is our standard current sail and still winning races, recently taking the Weymouth Grand Prix open with the “low rig” version. The standard rig version took second place. We are looking at some A1m derivatives with Dylan Fletcher and Rob Greenhalgh but currently the A1m is proving hard to better.

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