Thinnair Development, Hull2, sailing with all the mods to the wings and deck layout.

Testing of highly anticipated Moth design “Thinnair” is ongoing. Hull #2 is sailing with all the mods to the wings and deck layout. The project remains along way behind schedule due to tooling delays and other issues which whilst are all solvable just add to the time loss. Hull testing is going well and while its a common view “its all about the foils “ there are some big gains to be made in hull / deck / rig aero interface.

Also the wing angle and area have a huge influence on drag and righting moment - we have pushed this pretty hard and its certainly paying off in pure straight line speed - however the boat handling does get more tricky. All the wing tubes are tapered and shaped to maximise strength and minimise weight and drag. The wing platform has been minimised without loosing any actual working area.

We have made a set of foils and are currently as this news meeting goes out are making another with mods to the layup and bulb intersection. We will publish more news as its comes.

We are still not quite at the stage of opening the order book commercially but are now wishing touching distance.

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