THINNAIR launch at RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show

It was good see a stronger attendance at this years show - it had a much better “vibe” than previous years.

The RYA asked Lennon PP (a Design, Sales and Marketing company) to show our new Moth THINNAIR in the Palm court entrance, in their feature foiling display. It was never really in our prototyping schedule to be there - but we just made it with most bits attached! We have put a link in this news letter to the interview on the boat with Mark Jardine at Y&Y online. We are around two months behind our plan but then our plan was a best guess and you can't help but to be optimistic when planning!

Introducing the Lennon THINNAIR foiling Moth

We are working on the schedule and final pricing as I type and we expect to fall in the same place as the current boats - the weak pound makes imported boats more expensive and UK produced kit cheaper overseas. Here in the UK a full race package boat in VAT is circa £20k and that's where we expect to land. We will price with and without certain elements like spars (not sure about sails though !) The standard fit out will have adjustable shrouds to enable cant and all other now obligatory bits of kit needed to win races.

We currently have a strong list of interested parties and will be contacting those on the list shortly with final pricing and an estimated build schedule. If you want to go on the list please contact Mike Lennon.

Lennon PP is a Design, Sales and Marketing company - We subcontract to manufacturing partners and with the boat its nice to be producing these “locally” at White Formula here in the UK. We have our kit produced all over the world - sails and wetsuits in Asia - spars from Australia and New Zealand plus the UK. Our sail battens and sail cams are made in the UK and we export them to China - that's nice, although they often end up in finished sails half a mile from where they were made... For better or worse that's globalised trade! As a company we source equipment whether its our own design subcontracted or if we simply resell other brands from the best sources possible. We are the only brand specialising in dinghy racing “Racewear” using Yamamoto Neoprene. Its by far the best and non petroleum based - its warmer more flexible and absorbs less water - simply the best out there. Made in Japan and Limestone based makes it not only the best but also and unfortunately, the most expensive neoprene available - thats why no one else uses it ! All our wetsuits products are 100% Yamamoto #39 Neoprene.

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