Yachts & Yachting Interview - September 2018


Three years, two classes and six World Championship titles! Earlier this week, Mike Lennon spoke with Mark Jardine from Yachts & Yachting. Mike discusses successes in the Moth and I14 classes as well as the progress of the THINNAIR.

Mark Jardine: What is extraordinary is that in two of the most high-tech dinghy classes in the UK and the world - Moths and International 14s - Lennon Sails have powered the winners of both World Champions, three years on the trot! Something a sailmaker of any size would be proud of. So Mike, this hat-trick in two classes must have been an extraordinary moment for you?

Mike Lennon: It was! I think if I go back to when I started the business, five years ago, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that possible. When I started we were working with some of the top Moth sailors, including Chris Rashley... We started to work with Paul Goodison, Dylan Fletcher and a few other top sailors too. It was Paul - probably against the run of play at that time - who took his first World title, and the first for Lennon Sails, in Japan… You can never take it for granted, working with the some of the best sailors in the world. You hope, as a sailmaker, you can deliver on their expectations. We've done a lot of hard work to make sure we can deliver what they need.  


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