Lennon Ambassador and Moth Sailor Dylan Fletcher Qualifies for Rio. We talk to him.

How does your love of Moth sailing contribute to your success in the Skiff?

The moth sailing really helps out my skiff sailing in all sorts of ways. It keeps me fit and sharp between regattas, which with some longer gaps in my calendar can really help me stay on top form. Another great part of moth sailing is the boathandling! Its intense, fast and incredibly twitchy at speeds of up to 30 knots. This means that when I go skiff sailing if feels easier and more time on each of the manoeuvres.

What I also enjoy about the moth is the freedom to develop, not only that but with it being such a small and light boat you feel everything. The feedback from it all makes tuning easier and I can try out new sails, settings, foils and rigs much quicker than on a skiff when everything is just a little dumbed down. This coupled with the freedom with such open rules really allows for a enormous amount of creativity and potentially some big speed gains (hopefully!).

Obviously you’ve been using the Lennon Racewear in your Moth sailing for a year or so, has the gear helped you perform better and if so, how?

Its awesome gear! The freedom of movement along with always being toasty warm regardless of the weather keeps me out on the water for longer and gives me no excuse when I think it may be to cold. I can work harder without tiring my arms out due to the flex and increased size in the arms along with keeping my concentration levels up from never getting cold.

With the launch of the new Summer range at the Dinghy Show this year how do see that fitting into your gear bag?

This new range is going to go great along side the Year Round Long John now the weather has started to warm up. In the Moth flexibility is key and we always try to run as little sailing kit as possible while staying warm. With the new summer long john i can easily work around the weather just by changing the tops.

What distant plans do you have beyond this summer?

I am looking forward to the Moth nationals down at my local sailing club on Portland straight after the games. It will be a great event, although I may be a little rusty I will be doing all I can at my local club to beat the Stokes bay crew. After that Bermuda is what I will be focusing on with what will arguable be the moth regatta of year with all the top Amercia’s cup and Olympic sailors battling out on the great sound. Apart from that who knows, we will wait and see closer to the time.

For more information and to follow Dylan in his quest for a medal click here:

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