I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner

Scrumpet= The “natural evolutionary successor” to Glen Truswell’sNational, European and World Championship winner, Crumpet GBR1543.

Launched In June 2015, Scrumpet has already taken the National and Europeans titles directly from Crumpet, in late August 2016 she’ll get her first shot at the big one…

So where’s the evolution?

  • High modulus hull construction (carbon/pre-preg/nomex)= Stiffer platform, less head-stay sag and more rig control.
  • All panel joints bonded AND carbon taped together = Stiffer platform, more reliability and longevity.
  • 40mm lower cockpit floor = Reduced centre of gravity during tacks and gybes.
I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner
  • Pole and kite mouth chute covers = Drier spinnaker, faster safer more reliable kite hoists. (lighter boat)
I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner

  • Spray rails = More efficient spray splitting, drier lighter boat, more lift to counteract T foil, better visibility.
  • Hydrofoil angle of attack course control - pure virgin PTFE slide bearing = Reduced friction when adjusting under full side force.
  • Hydrofoil angle of attack course control - compressed nitrogen gas tension spring = Accurate, reliable, linear reactive force control with 3 times more power.
I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner
  • Hydrofoil angle of attack fine control – Led to tiller extensions = Accurate fine control with less righting moment losses and visual distraction upon adjustment.
I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner
  • Carbon rod rigging & high modulus mast – 2 kg/20% reduced all up rig weight = lower centre of gravity, reduced pitch inertia and reduced all up sailing weight.
I14 Concors D'Elegance Winner

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